7 unexpected dangers of a leaky roof

A damaged roof can be real trouble – if you don’t repair it on time, your roof can get real bad. Also, your home and your family are in danger too, if your roof doesn’t undergo the required and routine checks, replacements or maintenance. And if you have a leaky roof, you’re worries and troubles may double! Here’s a list of unexpected dangers which a leaky roof can bring in:

Damage to the ceiling
If left unchecked, the water seeping through your roof will soon reach the ceiling of your home. Most of the times, the internal leaks of roofs go unnoticed until the ceiling is actually damaged. Not only your core ceiling, but the plaster and paint of your ceiling too will be under threat.

Damaged Roof

Mold invasion
A wet roof will invite this unwanted mess if mold and mildew. And the worst part about mildew and mold is that it won’t restrict itself to the roof. The walls of your home won’t be spared either!

Damage to electrical setup
Water seeping into your home is going to seep into the electrical structure of your home too. A short circuit is possible if the leak isn’t detected and repaired ion time. And with a short circuit comes the threat of fire.

Accidents due to spilling water
The water that leaks is bound to drip and collect on your floor. And this can catch anyone unawares, which increases the possibility of accidents due to slipping over this spilled water.

Shaky home
A home has to be sturdy and strong – but how do you expect it to be so when you have water seeping into it through every wall of it? The structural integrity of your home becomes questionable when the leak spread through every wall of your home.

Crack in a house

The constant damp atmosphere in your home makes you and your family more susceptible to falling ill frequently. Also, the mold which is a consequence of leaks is a major cause of illnesses too.

Damage to equipment/furniture
The equipment and furniture you so lovingly picked out for your home won’t be spared by the water which drips onto it and seeps through the wall. While you can move these appliances and furniture away from the leaky area, most of the times it’s too late till you realize.